The Great Greek Food Truck has become the most important in the food truck rental

The Great Greek Food Truck has become the most important in the food truck rental

Food truck catering is postulated as the ideal solution to boost the hospitality industry during de-escalation and adaptation to the new normality—a safe alternative to offer meals in an orderly and controlled way to boost the hospitality sector again.
After the health crisis experienced, the hospitality sector is being one of the most affected, having to modify what we had known until now. The de-escalation brings a series of limitations that will make it necessary to innovate to adapt to the new normality.
This does not mean that it has to be closed and wait for everything to pass, but it can be reinvented, and a good way to do it is by strengthening open spaces and promoting terraces and street food.
Due to the closure of restaurants, the health authorities have allowed food service to be offered in open spaces through authorized vehicles such as food trucks to provide a safe service. And it is there where The Great Greek Food Truck has become the most important in the food truck rental.

Service under a secure environment

With the food trucks of the company The Great Greek Food Truck, it is possible to maintain social distance, becoming a very safe environment to continue carrying out the activity of this sector.
The structure and design of its vehicles provide an ideal size to maintain deep asepsis and correct hygiene, where you can cook comfortably with all the necessary equipment, in addition to offering its clients and its consumer a total guarantee in the dispensation of food truck catering cooked at the moment in a safe environment —always respecting the safety distance.

Vehicles adapted for your business

The Great Greek Food Truck offers a long-term food truck rental in public and private spaces such as squares, open-air car parks, wide streets and walkways, parks, gardens, industrial estates, garages, municipal spaces, pavilions fairs.
They have the largest fleet of singular vehicles adapted as gastronomic vehicles, in which the quality and speed in the implementation of the needs of each client are characterized. Their vehicles can be painted and personalized according to the client’s image.

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