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IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, this means all the television program is being communicated using the internet protocol. IPTV uses different IP packets to stream video programs that are requested by the viewers using any application.It enables TV on demand as well as interactivity between services to understand how IPTV is different from traditional TVs.

Difference Between tradition TV and IPTV
The traditional TV and IPTV can be easily distinguished based on the method of broadcasting.In traditional TVs, the broadcasters send the signals and the viewers receive them. You will only be able to watch when it is broadcasted whereas an IPTV is different, instead of transmitting content via light pulses in fiber-optics cable or radio waves from a satellite. It shows in movies through your standard internet connection. You can watch any channels of your choice and you also don’t need to wait for the broadcasting of your favorite movies or television shows.

How does IPTV work?
Internet protocol TV is nothing different than searching for anything in any browser.It merrily uses internet protocol, a transfer protocol which is a delivery mechanism to deliver the videos to the viewers. When the viewer clicks on any TV program, the program from different sources server is divided into data packets and sent over the internet. The video server transmits programs through fiber-optic cable to various households via an internet connection and when the program requests are sent out, the programs are sent out to the viewer of the IPTV. During this whole process, the viewers just need to wait for some minutes.

There are various service providers of iptv ukthat showcase different programs as per their viewer’s choice. Different IPTV providers are developing in various other countries due to its number if demand over traditional TV.So, if you are an addict of television programs than substituting IPTV over traditional TV can be the best choice.